Don’t buy just any workout routine or meal plan online!

The Body Burn program is backed by professionals that have worked in the

fitness and health industry for over a decade!

Kat Chiang          Adria Ali          Drew Lesser         

Kat Chiang

Personal Trainer and Yoga Instructor

Kat is both a skilled yoga instructor and master trainer. The opening of her own studio in Arcadia, California has allowed her to share her passion with many.


Adria Ali

Personal Trainer and Creator of Body Burn and Fit Tip

Adria originally started her career as a personal trainer in corporate fitness.  Her love of fitness, health, and wellness led to the creation of the popular Fitness site, Fit Tip, the “Fit Tip Daily” app, and the creation of Body Burn.


Drew Lesser

Motivational Speaker, Life Coach, Hypnotherapist

Drew currently conducts Mindfulness and Employee engagement programs to BRW’s top 200 Corporations,  in the areas of mental health and wellbeing, workplace culture, productivity and psychological health and safety.


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