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The Body Burn™ Difference

In the competitive world of personal training, fitness classes, and bootcamps; what makes the Body Burn workouts so unique??

Body Burn Training combines 4 principles of exercise to give you solid results that help you

Burn calories,

Build lean muscles,

and Banish Fat.



The “Body Burn™” portion has many meanings…

Body Burns” are short cardio bursts placed through out the course of the workout to keep your heart rate elevated for maximum fat loss.

The burn you feel after the workout is over. This “After Burn,” affect is what allows your body to change and evolve through out the course of the routines.

Not Your average fitness routine! Body Burn workouts are arranged in such a way to keep your calorie burning high through out the course of the workout. which allows you to go at the speed and the intensity that you choose.

Included in this book are 3 different levels. Pick your level, and get fit at your pace.

Tried and Tested Results.  These routines were created by Adria who’s background in personal training spans over 15 years.  They are a collection of some of the most effective exercises combined with the most beneficial layout to give you the results that others pay thousands for!



Long, Lean, and Strong

Workout Routines

Cardio Schedules

Turn Up the Heat

Restorative yoga lead by LA personal trainer Kat Chiang.

Beginner to advanced, we’ve created routines for every fitness level.

2 Speeds: Lose at your pace or take the “Body Burn Fast Track” to get to your goal sooner!

Body Burn Ab Routines

A More Efficient Way to Burn

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Each week our progressive ab routines help you evolve.

Get out and get fit with activities that will break up the monotony and keep you motivated!

Who said you had to do it alone? Our support group give you the community you need to succeed.

Bodybuilding & Strength Training

Well rounded routines involve 3 key components to create the ultimate physique.


Essential to all movement.
Power to Move Through Your Days With Ease


A key to lasting energy
A MUST to Stay Energized


The true fountain of youth

The Key to Keeping Your Metabolism Burning HOT

Check Before You Buy Online

Don’t buy just any routine online.  Our routines are created by seasoned LA personal trainers.

We’ve put together exercises that make a difference FAST.